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Finding My Niche…Finally. And How To Find Yours For Your Blog/Vlog/Social Media.

I’ve done it.

I finally, finally, found my “niche.” AHHHH!! *Excited squeals.*

In case you don’t really know what I mean by “niche”, I’m referring to where my blog is going. The topics I’m writing about, the focus for the content. I mean, it seems like I’ve flopped all around and just a couple months ago released a post where I thought I knew where I was going right? Well, to be honest, I’m 100% not sure if that post got me as excited as this one. And to be even more honest, this is probably not going to be my be all end all blog niche for the end of eternity, but I do think it’s going to stick around for a while.

First, I have my lovely blog subscribers to thank. For all of you who responded to my little questionnaire, THANK YOU! It was you guys that helped me align myself and actually find where I wanted to take this blog with your responses. Seriously. I probably would still be milling around aimlessly with my blog with no real direction (and posts in all the random topics).

The biggest thing that made me super excited is…I found my blog mission.

One that I tried to stick to was “inspiring self-confidence”, but I think, generally, not all of my posts really fit with this. While I will definitely still have posts with this topic, it proved to be unsuitable as an overarching mission.

Yes, in a way, I’m rebranding. More on that at the end of this post.

I still like my tagline: “Cherish little things. Spread joy. Live happy.” But I think a huge element of what I’m transitioning to is a healthy, happy life. Health in all elements: mental, relational, physical, and nutritional. The thing is, when you hear “healthy, happy life” the first thing that comes to mind is probably a food blog. Which is not the main thing I’m trying to build, so it’s not going to work to just use that.

What do you guys think about “On a pursuit for the happy life.” ? Ooh or “Cherish little things. Live happy. Live well.”? You know what, I’ll explain more about my niche and how I found it below. And the very end of this post I’ll go over my plan for my blog, and there will be a poll for my mission statement!

One more thing I’d like to clarify: I’m not going to be deleting my old posts. They’re precious, and many of them will still fit with this new niche.

Now, I’m not going to lie, this post is a little bit long. But if you pull through and read it, and I promise you it will bring results. Pinky promise. If you put in the work of course.

Finding your niche

Finding your niche is an incredibly hard process, and one of the biggest pieces of advice I have is to not rush it. I’ve complied some tips for you if you’re interested in finding the “niche” for your blog, vlog, or content creation.

Elements of a niche

  • Theme/vibe: what you give off, the branding behind your platform
  • Mission: it’s nice to have a mission statement to align everything you create
  • Categories/topics you cover: the bulk of what is often known as your niche, what you write about.
Sidebar: Is a niche important? Should I bother having one?

I’ve seen this question being tossed around a lot. From my point of view and experience, YES. Having a niche is incredibly important, especially if you want to succeed and build your blog to something really big.

The biggest reason why is because you have a more streamlined target audience, and your audience will be able to know what to expect from you. Then they will be more likely to return to your content if they enjoy it, rather than returning and seeing an unrelated post or vibe (and then leaving…forever DUN DUN DUN).

Another reason is if you want to monetize or collaborate with companies. Blogs that are niched down are more compelling to companies as they know an investment into them will bring authentic engagement from the followers (because the followers are actually interested in ALL the content produced).

Step 1: Experimentation

The first step may seem counter-intuitive. Write about anything and everything your heart desires. There are two main reasons for this.

  1. You will find what you are good at writing about, and what your audience seems to enjoy most.
  2. You will most likely commit to blogging for longer because there is more to write about and you can post some really fun posts. Not that finding a nice will take away all the fun in creating posts–more on that later.

Step 2: Make freebies

Start making freebies in the area you are most successful in and put a greater emphasis on those topics. If these freebies do really well, you know it’s a viable area to blog about. This more like a bonus step. Not many people do it, but it definitely can be very helpful, and already start getting you committed followers.

Step 3: Ask your followers and subscribers

Shoot them an email and see what topics they enjoy the most and what they want to hear from you! After all, a blog isn’t truly a blog unless you’ve got those readers. This is also incredibly motivating because you’ll see how much others enjoy your content!

Step 4: Reflect

Now that you have a better sense of the areas you should put your efforts in, look at the bigger picture.

Perhaps you’re thinking: I don’t actually enjoy blogging about these topics though. The posts seem like a chore to put together.

Hey, me too! I was in that same position. But I was able to flip it around and turn that topic into something I was excited about. Let me explain.

So one of my posts that has done really well was my ultimate morning routine guide. I really put a lot of effort into launching that post: SEO, 3000 word article, freebies, and even a morning challenge! Now don’t get me wrong, I didn’t create all of this just to drive subscribers and traffic. It was genuinely something that I struggled with, and created because I saw that same need out there for other people. I think, ultimately, that was what made the post successful.

But after actually launching into the challenge, it was hard for me to stay committed. I’m the type of person who gets excited about the idea, but then struggles to maintain that excitement during the execution. This was also the case with my 2020 Planathon: I got really pumped up when the idea to create a planathon popped into my mind, but it was hard to pull through all of the planning and putting things into action. But the posts related to the planathon, such as how to become a happier, healthier version of yourself, was super successful.

Notice the core idea behind these though: I still LOVE these topics and am super passionate about them. I just needed to find a format that I would enjoy putting out content for them in. This leads me to my main action tip for this step:

Find what you want to see as a reader. The KEY is to connect with your reader, and there’s no better way than being in your target audience yourself. What kind of content would you be excited to subscribe to? Be the one to create that content.

Step 5: Branding

This last step is probably the most underestimated one when it comes to finding your niche, but it is INCREDIBLY important to have good branding if you want your blog or vlog or social media to take off. This overall relates to the vibes you give off, and can often be a convincing factor to draw in new readers and make them stay or return.

I spent a lot of time putting together my blog and social media, creating a kind of “scrapbook” like vibe with pink to exude my carefree, happy life theme. It’s definitely paid off, as I get several messages with compliments about my blog design!

If graphic design isn’t for you, I highly recommend getting someone to help! Just think about it, aren’t you more likely to stay and poke around on an attractive website? I offer affordable graphic design services myself, but whoever you choose, make sure you preview their past work and can trust that they are capable to bring your vision into life.

What is my niche going to be?

Okay, so after that long blabbing and process of how to find your niche, what is mine going to be?

I’m not changing all that much, but I’m streamlining my blog towards something I’m very, very excited about.

As I mentioned earlier, my blog is going to circulate around the “happy life” and “living happy” and my transition to a healthier, happier lifestyle. My main target audience is going to be people my age, so kinda the Gen Z’s, but I welcome readers from all areas of life to join this journey!

You can probably tell, it’s not too big of a shift and I was already moving towards this area. There will still be some fun posts, but I want to link everything under one umbrella so people can know what to expect from me.

Anyways, I’d like for you guys to help me choose my blog mission statement, so please vote in the poll below!

So what can you expect moving forwards?

I’m going to undergo some minor re-branding. Not so much on the colors and aesthetics side, but on the mission and organization side. There will be some changes to my header menu as I re-categorize everything over the next little while.

Here’s the category outline I’m thinking of doing:

  • Develop Yourself
    • Productivity
    • Mindset
  • Care for Yourself
    • Books
    • Food/fitness
  • Express Yourself
    • Style
    • Creative
    • Rants
  • Feature Columns

What do you think? Is it too confusing, too much stuff, or will people get it?

Also…what’s going on with my youtube channel?

Okay, okay, I know I said I was going to start that…but I never really got around to doing it because I think videos take wayyyy too long to edit. BUT. I’m not completely giving up on Youtube. In fact, I’m going to integrate it into something else.






A podcast!!!

Yep, ya girl right here is going to launch a podcast in the near future. Stay tuned for more info. But since these will also take forever to edit, I’m combining it with my Youtube so it’ll be cross posted across platforms. My main platform, of course, will still be my blog, so I’ll only be releasing an episode every couple of months or so. At least, that’s the plan for now. Don’t worry, I’ll give you the deets for where you can subscribe or follow all that later (since I haven’t fully decided the platforms). But in the meantime, my Youtube channel is open for subscriptions!

On another exciting note, I’m now going to accept guest posts!

There’s a whole system for that and everything that I’m going to implement; I’ll probably release guidelines for that later in a separate post. But generally speaking, all the posts on my blog will still be written and processed by me. I’m not going to simply do the copy and paste of a blog post someone writes as a guest post…if you know what I mean.

And collabs! Still open! I love working with brands and other bloggers, and will definitely be thinking of some opportunities to open up to you guys! Be sure to join my email list to be notified when these opps are released as I’m probably going to announce there first.

If you stuck through this whole post, you’re a real one. A real gem. That was over 1900 words, you know? Virtual cookie and hug for you! As always, let me know your thoughts below. Can’t wait to show you what’s in store!

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New Year, New You: Introducing…The Happy Tribe Planathon 2020!

Okay guys, this is it. The ginormous announcement that has been bubbling inside me for the past few months-and MAN has it been hard to keep a secret! Yep, I’ve taken several months to carefully plan out and curate this challenge to be the best one yet.

Introducing….the Happy Tribe Planathon (HTPlanathon) for 2020!

It’s an iconic year-the next time a year number will be like this is 3030. You know what that means? We’ve got to make this the best year ever.

Every year we get excited about our new year’s resolutions and planning. We pull out our bullet journals, glitter, and pens, and get crafty. This year, I’m turning the planning season ON with a full planning kit (Yay! New templates!), 5 day email series, keynote content creators and presenters, posts, and an exclusive planning Facebook group community. Get ready and get excited friends! The HTPlanathon is about to begin. And yes, it’s 100% FREE.

Wondering what the details are? I’ve got you covered. Sign ups officially open today, and will be open for a limited time! Don’t miss out!

Learn more and join the Planathon.