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3 Tips To Planning An Epic New Year for 2020

It’s almost 2020…can you believe a DECADE is almost over? Lol, this is making me feel kinda ancient; a decade sounds like a long time. I mean, I’m almost 2 decades old..? But at the same time, these 10 years felt like they flew by. And tbh, 20 years isn’t even old. Well, I’m not quite 20 yet (still got a few years to go) but anyways. Enough pointless ranting.

I’m sure a lot of us plan out a new year and want it to be amazing, but nearly everyone forgets about or gives up on their New Year’s resolutions a few months into the year. So how exactly should we approach the planning then? Here are 3 tips to help set your vision.

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New Year, New You: Introducing…The Happy Tribe Planathon 2020!

Okay guys, this is it. The ginormous announcement that has been bubbling inside me for the past few months-and MAN has it been hard to keep a secret! Yep, I’ve taken several months to carefully plan out and curate this challenge to be the best one yet.

Introducing….the Happy Tribe Planathon (HTPlanathon) for 2020!

It’s an iconic year-the next time a year number will be like this is 3030. You know what that means? We’ve got to make this the best year ever.

Every year we get excited about our new year’s resolutions and planning. We pull out our bullet journals, glitter, and pens, and get crafty. This year, I’m turning the planning season ON with a full planning kit (Yay! New templates!), 5 day email series, keynote content creators and presenters, posts, and an exclusive planning Facebook group community. Get ready and get excited friends! The HTPlanathon is about to begin. And yes, it’s 100% FREE.

Wondering what the details are? I’ve got you covered. Sign ups officially open today, and will be open for a limited time! Don’t miss out!

Learn more and join the Planathon.

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Cool Careers: The Top Challenges Faced By Entrepreneurs And How To Overcome Them

It’s never easy to start your own blog or business, but it’s always helpful to learn from others who have gone through it all. That’s why I asked some successful entrepreneurs to share their experiences starting off their careers, focusing on the challenges they faced and how they solved them.

Welcome to the first post in my “Cool Careers” series, where I interview people from various careers, and compile their responses into a roundup post. You’ll discover the highs and lows of each profession, as well as how each person started up in their fields. Be sure to stay tuned for more careers in upcoming posts, and let me know in the comments if there are any you want me to cover.

For this first post, I’m featuring people who have launched their own business (something I’m interested in!). These stories will inspire you, motivate you, and equip you with knowledge that is sure to be helpful as you consider various career choices. Read on!

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5 Quick Study & Time Management Tips You Need To Know

Can you believe one month of school has already passed? That means the course load is starting to pick up, and if you’re doing university applications, deadlines are looming overhead. Add on the commitment of extracurriculars or jobs, and you’re one busy student.

I launched myself into this year with the goal to make it the best year yet, both course achievement wise, and extracurricular wise too. Although I have been very successful in getting high 90s for nearly all of my subjects in my junior high and senior high years, I felt that the way I approached time management and studying needed some changes this year. Let me share some tips below.

There’s also a freebie at the end to help you improve your time management and productivity right away.

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10 Inspirational Quotes To Get Set For Back-To-School And Fall Productivity

It’s back to school season, and I’m finally in fall mode. Besides New Year’s Day, this is my favourite time to set goals and re-orient myself. Aside from all of the new notebooks, stationery, and pencils (who doesn’t love shopping for those!), it’s a great chance to start fresh.

And what’s even better? Autumn is the most beautiful time of year. If you’ve ever gazed at the river valley (or other water body) as everything is around is changing into reds, oranges, and yellows, you know what I mean. You can probably tell that Autumn is my favourite season (aesthetic wise at least).

So, to celebrate and get us set for this new season, I’ve handpicked and designed 10 backgrounds with inspirational quotes. Feel free to use these as your phone wallpaper, or pin them on Pinterest! They’ve got various styles, so you can switch up your background depending on how you’re feeling.

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