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Creator Column: Inspiring Yourself When Things Seem Dark with Kate LaScola

Look we’ve all been there. Sometimes it’s caused by something and other times it happens. You start to lose motivation, sleep a little more and start to lose the determination. It’s okay when that happens and it’s normal for everyone. One of the most common causes is when the seasons change. No one is all that motivated during winter. Because it is normal and okay doesn’t mean you can’t do anything about it.

Here are three simple things to get you out of that funk and inspire yourself to move on forward.

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10 Inspirational Quotes To Get Set For Back-To-School And Fall Productivity

It’s back to school season, and I’m finally in fall mode. Besides New Year’s Day, this is my favourite time to set goals and re-orient myself. Aside from all of the new notebooks, stationery, and pencils (who doesn’t love shopping for those!), it’s a great chance to start fresh.

And what’s even better? Autumn is the most beautiful time of year. If you’ve ever gazed at the river valley (or other water body) as everything is around is changing into reds, oranges, and yellows, you know what I mean. You can probably tell that Autumn is my favourite season (aesthetic wise at least).

So, to celebrate and get us set for this new season, I’ve handpicked and designed 10 backgrounds with inspirational quotes. Feel free to use these as your phone wallpaper, or pin them on Pinterest! They’ve got various styles, so you can switch up your background depending on how you’re feeling.

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My Favourite Disney Songs

Don’t you just love Disney songs? They’re lyrical, beautiful, triumphant, and dazzling. And best of all, they make you so happy. It’s time to belt them out my friends!

This list complies all of my favourite Disney songs to date, in no particular order because there’s no way I can can choose between them like that. There are loads of other amazing Disney songs that I love, but these are the ones that I love most (and probably know the most lyrics to).

I’ve embedded videos of each song so you can sing along as you go through this list. I mean, who can resist singing these songs?

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5 Top Fashion Influencers and Experts Share Summer & Fall Trends For 2019

The end of summer is slowly closing in, but that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy every last drop in style! In this post, I consulted with 5 top fashion influencers about the trends for this summer and what you should look for in the fall, so you can get the scoop right from those in the industry. Get ready to go back to school and start the new season in style!

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A Flutter in the Heart

I really don't want to feel this anymore.

Only sometimes.

A war between the brain and heart,
sense and sensibility,
real and imagined.
It seems to tear everything up
from the seams.

All it takes is one glance.
Swift, quick,
seems like a blur.
Eye meets eye.
A quiet smile-only, you can't see.

And then it starts again.

raw or real

Don’t you sometimes feel like

soft petals are blossoming inside

watered by your tears.

I suppose we all have our moments,

where imperfection takes over,

Makes us feel raw.

Makes us feel numb.

Makes us feel real.