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How Accurate is the 16 Personalities Test? Let’s Find Out.


What do you do when you’re bored? Take personality tests of course! Sometimes I do Buzzfeed ones, but this time I wanted to take a more serious test, and see how accurate it was.

The 16 personalities test popped up, which, from the various references I found, and the information on the website, I thought would be pretty accurate. After all, it uses the Myers-Briggs theories, which I researched briefly in a school project.

So I took the test, and got a whole bunch of family and friends to take it too. I’ve been wanting to write and publish this post for forever (I’m pretty sure I took this test over half a year ago), and so finally, here are the results.

My Results

Assertive Architect

Mind: introverted

Yep, I’d agree with this. I think I’m an ambivert, which shows in the 53%—almost an even split, wow—but I lean ever so slightly to the introverted side. Sometimes going to school dances can be a little overwhelming, for example. Not to mention boring. It might just be how dances are run here…in grade 7 I went to a school where it was more fun, but at other schools all they do is blast music and you stand there. Maybe bop up and down once in a while. Boring. There’s no food. There’s no entertainment. You literally stand there.

Energy: intuitive

I didn’t exactly know what they meant by “intuitive” so I had to read up a little. It says on the 16 Personalities site: “[Intuitive people’s] lives are ones of questioning, wondering, and connecting the dots in the “bigger picture,” and they love the theoretical. They often ask, “What if?” and ponder the possibilities the future might hold.”

I do find that a lot of the things that happen in my life revolve around having a vision. While I do value practicality and think about the nitty gritty details of things, when I work on projects (especially as a lead), I tend to focus more on my end-goal vision for the project. When small hiccups come in the way, I like to brush them off and find a quick solution so we can successfully carry on. So overall, I’d say that this is pretty accurate.


Nature: thinking

Now, at first, when I first saw this, I thought “no, I’m pretty sure I go by feeling, not thinking.” But then I read the blurb: “Once these personality types gather the facts, they test their alternatives against logic and reason to see which decision, by those standards, proves the most effective or realistic. They generally manage their relationships by employing fairness and effectiveness as their primary method of dealing with others.”

When it comes to making decisions or telling an outcome of something, I like to go by feeling. But I can definitely see how I go by thinking when it comes to relationships. Whenever I’m resolving a conflict between people, I’m pretty sure my thinking side takes over.

Tactics: judging

“Judging individuals are decisive, thorough and highly organized. They value clarity, predictability and closure, preferring structure and planning to spontaneity.”

Yep, yep, yep. Lol, when I first saw “judging” (and didn’t read the blurb yet), I was already like, yeah, I judge a lot. Sorry people, but its intuitive. I will judge you. Beware. But, I mean, this is something we all do with first impressions and all that.

Now back to what they actually mean by “judging”: I really can’t stand the “live by the day” concept. It makes me feel incredibly unsatisfied. I need a plan to keep me pulled together so I feel like I’m working towards something and making progress. It also helps me achieve a lot. That’s why I have so many posts on planning and everything, haha.

Identity: assertive

“Assertive individuals are self-assured, even-tempered and resistant to stress. They refuse to worry too much and do not push themselves too hard when it comes to achieving goals.”

I don’t know what they’re referring to by “resistant to stress”, but I guess I don’t really break down from stress or anything. It never really gets to me I think. I’ll say “I’m stressed” and everything if I have a lot going on, but I don’t think I’m actually stressed-stressed. I feel like there’s a lot more in life to come where I actually will feel stressed. I am pretty even-tempered too. Basically I don’t get how this fits into “assertive” because I normally associate that word with having a bold personality, but they compare it with being “turbulent” so I guess it makes sense. Lol, the description they gave makes me think that I don’t feel anything. Which I guess is partly true.

Sooo…overall this test actually SHOCKED me with its accuracy. What I went over in this post isn’t even all that’s to the profile they give you at the end. They literally go over relationships, jobs, strengths, etc. And every single part of it was accurate. Another fun fact: my personality type makes up only two percent of the population, and women with this personality type are especially rare, forming only 0.8%. Like, wow, I’m so rare haha.

Want to take the test yourself?

Let me know below what your personality type is, and whether you think it matches you or not!

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