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10 Stylish Fall Outfit Ideas and Must-Haves For Chillier Weather

As the weather gets chilly, it’s time to start pulling out the cozy fall outfit staples! This post will compile 10 fall outfit ideas and must-have pieces so your fall wardrobe is in tip-top shape to impress.

Photos from Pinterest, and belong to their respective owners.

1) Scarves

Scarves pair so perfectly with sweaters or trench coats or anything fall, really, and they upgrade any outfit. They are great for the days with chillier mornings and warmer afternoons, since scarves are easy to fold and tuck away.

2) Cargo Pants

These work great with various outfits, and offer a casual yet flattering and polished up look. They’ve been everywhere recently!

3) Boots

Whether it’s knee-high boots, or ankle boots, boots pair perfectly with a fall outfit and definitely give it the fall vibes. They’re also good for the colder weather (and potential rain or snow days).

4) Animal Prints

These are practically a classic in fall fashion now: you’ll see it on runways and fashion magazines whenever fall hits. Ideas for prints: cheetah, snakeskin, zebra, leopard.

5) Capes

Capes are a chic addition to any casual look or evening wear.

6) Suits

An instant polish to your wardrobe, adding sophistication to a casual outfit. It’s great for work, or any outing.

7) Plaid and Checkers

Again, something that comes up on the runway every year. Put your fashion foot forward with this recurring trend, whether it’s through a plaid accent or a schoolgirl skirt.

8) Thin Turtlenecks

Turtlenecks look great on their own, or with a blazer on top! Get them in staple colors: black, white, dark green, etc.

9) Sneakers

These are great for the “school-fall” vibe, and perfect for students. Comfortable and fashionable, sneakers are another staple in fall fashion.

10) Sweaters

There’s no fall without sweaters, and these are the perfect pieces for chillier weather. If you don’t have these in your wardrobe already, be sure to go shopping and find yourself one-they’re a must!

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