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Creator Column: Inspiring Yourself When Things Seem Dark with Kate LaScola

Look we’ve all been there. Sometimes it’s caused by something and other times it happens. You start to lose motivation, sleep a little more and start to lose the determination. It’s okay when that happens and it’s normal for everyone. One of the most common causes is when the seasons change. No one is all that motivated during winter. Because it is normal and okay doesn’t mean you can’t do anything about it.

Here are three simple things to get you out of that funk and inspire yourself to move on forward.

  1. Vision board- this can be on Instagram, Pinterest, a corkboard or a poster board. Go and gather materials such as pictures, glitter, quotes, and whatever else your heart desires. Create a master vision board of everything you hope to do and include some motivation. Quotes, pictures and letters of encouragement from friends. Those are all a great way to get you up and going again.
  2. Phone lock screen- This is usually the last thing you see before bed and the first thing when you wake up. It’s a part of our culture; you see it hundreds of times a day. So make it happy. I usually change up the quotes every other week or stick with a picture that makes my heart happy. Whatever makes you feel confident or happy you should look at. Motivate yourself without even meaning to. Set up your lock screen to be the best thing to look at.
  3. Plan a day out- You tend to feel sluggish or worn out when you’re mind and body are tired. You lose motivation because you have become adjusted to your every day. Plan a day to wake up early, take care of yourself, grab lunch with a friend, go shopping or walk around the park, and change up your routine. Spend the day out of the house and out of bed. If this seems hard to do on your own ask a close friend to come to get you up and going in the morning.

Those three things can work wonders in beating the funk you are caught up in. I have total faith in you getting up and going to make you motivated again. Asking for help from friends and family is completely okay too. You have a support system so remember to use it in your time of need. Help out your friends too. It’s easy to get caught up in your own life and not realize others may be struggling to. Look out for one another and be kind. You never know how much a kind word may help.

This guest post was contributed by Kate LaScola

Get to know Kate!

Since you’re currently a college student, what are you studying, and why did you choose it?

I am a Writing, Rhetoric and Technical Communication & Media Arts and Design. Two majors! I chose writing because it seemed no matter how much I tried to find something I was good at besides writing I always found my way back. I chose to add the second major to help with my job search and narrow down what to do after college. I still have to reapply to that one to stay in, so fingers crossed!

You share on your blog that you changed majors from what you originally chose going in to JMU. How did you make this momentous decision?

I was honestly just really annoyed with my major. I took a couple of classes and I didn’t like anything about it. I knew if I continued I would just be set on one path to work for the government and I realized I don’t want that. I am too creative and emotional to be a government worker!

What are your favourite creative activities?

I just look at a blank screen and start writing. Besides writing I sometimes paint, but I am quite horrible.

What is the best part about blogging?

I love the feedback I get from people. I have received such amazing responses from people who relate to my mental health posts and feel grateful that people are able to connect with my writing. I also have made so many great friends (like you!) that have been a great support to me when I accomplish little blogging victories.

What do you see yourself doing in the future?

I am hoping that throughout the years my blog will grow with me. I don’t know what I plan to do after college, but whatever it is I know I will be somewhere writing!

Just For Fun

Movies or books?

I love books. I am a total nerd for self improvement and motivation books!

Dresses or rompers?

Dresses all the way- I wish I could pull off rompers though!

If you could live anywhere in the world, where would you want to go most?

Italy or California. Both have a different culture from where I live and I’d love to experience that. Italy is just gorgeous and has been a dream for so long! California is a bit more realistic for me.

If you were to go to a fancy dinner party, which celeb would you hope to see there?

Jennifer Aniston- I love her so much. I am a huge Friends fan and she is just the best. I already know me and her would become BFF’s.

What’s your dream superpower?

I would like to be able to fly. I am scared of heights and airplanes so maybe that would get rid of my fear! PLUS I could save so much money on gas.

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