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My Dream House Tour

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I thought a post like this would be fun, and I’ve been wanting to do this for a while. I’ve dabbled around with different styles of homes, and honestly, it’s pretty hard to settle on one choice for everything. But here it is, without further ado…my dream house!


Essential elements:
  • Column entryway: to add a majestic feeling to the entry
  • Double doors
  • Traditional, yet castle-esque

I love Japanese-style gardens, so my yard will be based on this style.

  • pond with bridge
  • other water fountains/features
  • lots of small shrubs


Essential Elements:
  • Open concept to keep the space welcoming
  • Open to above ceiling to keep the majestic feel consistent
  • Spiral staircase with huge window complex and grand piano (Steinway & Sons probably-for the piano)

Living Room

At this point into my “dream home searching”, I realized that jeez, I’ve got expensive old-lady taste! Like, compared to the minimalist and cute trends for teens or young adults these days, mine are nothing like it! Maybe it’s because I’m thinking of the ultimate dream home that I will end up owning in my life. Anyways… XD

Essential Elements:
  • Open to above (high ceilings)
  • Huge windows to complement the high ceiling
  • Full floor-to-ceiling fireplace
  • I don’t really like the rug and blue couch in the photo up there, I’d probably change it to this:
Here’s my youngness coming back, lol.


This kitchen did a good job combining modern and traditional styles-something I’d like to have in mine. (Except that rug, haha!)
Essential Elements:
  • I love baking, so my kitchen would need a huge pantry, fridge, and fancy ovens, all the works.
  • In my childhood homes, I always had a window by the sink, so I’m still sticking with that.
  • An island for entertaining.

Master Bedroom

Essential Elements:
  • Huge windows or a balcony to stick with the open feeling (this will also help wake me up in the morning)
  • Sitting area or couch (for reading)
  • I also like the accent wall in this bedroom

I have moved blogs! Check out my most updated content at

Master Bathroom

Wow, there’s a lot of white in this house!

Essential elements:
  • Marble for a high-end feeling
  • Windows to keep it well-lit
  • Still don’t know how I feel about the glass shower though…

Master Walk-in Closet

Essential Elements:
  • Floor-to-ceiling mirror
  • Seat/island in the middle of the closet

Kids’ Bedrooms


Essential Elements:

I definitely need a nice quiet space to work in, so a home office is a must!

  • Sleek wooden desk (not a rustic one)
  • Windows (and fancy lamps) for optimum lighting


Essential Elements:
  • A cozy reading spot (not those cushions though)
  • Window that looks out to natural area. I mean, what’s better than nature and books?
  • Plenty of bookshelves for all my books


Swimming pool:

I think a modern-style pool in the backyard would be really nice since I love swimming. And it’s like a mini-getaway when you can’t actually go to a resort.

Gym/Yoga Studio:

To get that zen mode on!

All photos are from Pinterest and belong to their respective owners.

So what do you think? What are some must-haves in your dream house? Let me know below! Don’t forget to follow for more fun content!

I have moved blogs! Check out my new content at

12 thoughts on “My Dream House Tour

  1. All I can say is wow. This house is ultimate goals. It’s beautiful. There is nothing I don’t like about it. Thanks for sharing this house. It was a nice fun post to read x


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