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Book Review: Teenage Journal: A Poetry Collection by MayAPoetBe

If you know me, I’m a huge fan of poems. Writing poems has been a way of self-expression in times when you think your feelings can’t simply be said out loud, or let out in a different form. Sometimes the most sensitive topics can be brought to life through a poem, and this is exactly what happens in Teenage Journal.

Most impactful poems:

There were several amazing poems in here, but I’d like to share one of my favourites.

When you forget how to smile

you are just trying to get by
someone tells you to smile
they tell you
your face would look so much prettier

you know
you heard it before

and you would
you tried
multiple times
but you forgot
how to show your teeth
don't even know
if you still have some

so you get angry at
the assumption
that it would be the easiest thing in the world
for them
- i guess i will never be the prettiest version of me

Oooh the feels! I particularly relate with this one 🙂 Onward with the review!

What I liked:

The message, and way the book was put together was amazing! Filled with teenage angst, and reflective somber, and a pinch of hope, this is a must read for any teen (or adult who wants a burst of nostalgia). As I read this book, I kept going, “Hey, that’s me!”. There were endless moments where I was able to personally connect with what the author was saying, and I think this was very powerful.


The illustrations complemented the book so well, and brought some Rupi Kaur vibes, but as a whole, brought forth the author’s unique voice. Loved, loved, loved them!


Overall, I think that there could have been more nuances, rather than explicitly stating some things. There could have been a more effective impact on the reader if some of the “statements” of feelings were hidden behind words and metaphors. While I thought the choice of the last poem was perfect, I think the opening poems could have been polished and altered a little further. The book generally started a little choppy, but gained momentum and flow as the poems progressed.

About the Author:

You can connect with the author, MayAPoetBe, through her social media: Instagram/Twitter/Tumblr

Overall, this was an amazing book. I now feel inspired to create a similar poetry collection for myself. If you haven’t already, go find and read it now! Let me know your thoughts on the book in the comments below.

Thank you to the author, MayAPoetBe for providing a copy of the book for review!

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